ORGANIC HUNGARIAN FACIAL - $140; or $120/month (75 mins.)
Our recommended treatment for our first-time guests, this facial is custom tailored from beginning to end to suit your skin type and current skin concerns. We choose from an array of the very luscious fruit, vegetable and herbal skincare products handcrafted by Éminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary. These organic ingredients have an incredibly fresh aroma and nourish skin from the outside in. This facial provides hydration to dry skin, deep cleansing eliminates blackheads and excess oil, and the amazing massage techniques bring a youthful glow to aging skin, while respecting even the most sensitive skins. Since 1958 Éminence has been creating products that deliver naturally glowing, healthy skin, releasing your inner radiance.

ADVANCED THERAPY FACIAL - $195; or 6 for $1049 (105 mins.)
This rejuvenating and healing facial is for anyone with advanced skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, eczema, brown spots, or wrinkles, and who is looking for a results-driven treatment without the downtime! This treatment includes a botanical peel to smooth, LED light therapy to heal and rejuvenate the skin, a custom treatment mask, as well as a selection of other modalities, all tailored by your Esthetician to your skin needs.

Our Modalities (click to view)
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion: Crystal-free exfoliation that uses a diamond-tipped hand piece and light suction to gently remove the dead skin cells and debris from the pores, leaving your skin smoother, cleaner and brighter.
  • Microcurrent: A low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative contouring, toning and firming of the facial muscles. Results can be so dramatic that microcurrent therapy treatments are often referred to as a “non-surgical face lift”.
  • Nano-Infusion: Often touted as a gentler alternative to micro-needling, nano-infusion is a non-invasive tool that utilizes a unique sphere-shaped tip that rapidly pulsates to create micro-channels in the skin, driving active ingredients deep into the skin for visible and instant rejuvenation.
  • Ozonated steam: Improves oxygenation to the cells while purifying the skin and softening debris within the follicle to prep the skin for extractions.
  • Ultrasonic cleansing: A gentle water-based exfoliation tool that uses ultrasonic soundwaves to loosen cellular buildup and debris within the follicles.
  • High Frequency: An electrical current is passed through argon gas within a glass electrode for an anti-bacterial effect. This treatment is safe and gentle and offers therapeutic healing through increased oxygenation and detoxification of acne-prone skin.
  • Gua Sha: Stroking of the skin using a smooth stone to apply compression and directional pulling of the superficial fascia. Reduces puffiness, increases lymphatic flow and sculpts the facial contours.
  • Facial Cupping: Negative pressure suction using small cups to gently increase blood & lymphatic flow, leaving skin plump, radiant and lifted.

COLLAGEN INDUCTION MICRO-NEEDLING TREATMENT - $300; or 6 for $1,599 (105 mins.)
This innovative treatment is designed to lessen wrinkles and tighten lax skin, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and acne scarring, and improve overall tone, texture and colour. Collagen Induction Therapy, otherwise known as “micro-needling”, creates controlled micro-injuries to the dermis, using 12 tiny needles that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as well as improving the penetration of topical serums, enhancing their results. The skin is numbed using a topical anesthetic in order to ensure complete comfort during treatment, and your facial includes cleansing, added décolleté treatment, micro-needling of the face and neck with pro-healing growth factors, as well as topical application of hyaluronic acid and red light LED therapy to immediately reduce redness and initiate the healing process.

Why Micro-needling? (click to view)
  • Holistic & non-toxic
  • Non-ablative (no chemical or thermal destruction of the skin) – instead preserves and thickens the skin for long-term health
  • Little-to-no down time
  • Little-to-no risk of adverse side-effects
  • Breaks down scar tissue and promotes regenerative healing – will not contribute to further underlying scar tissue
  • Creates production of natural “basket-weave” collagen for natural-looking results
  • Releases a surge of natural growth factors in the skin
  • Increases nutrients to the skin
  • Will never look "over done" - safely enjoy this treatment month after month

*Please schedule a complimentary Skin Analysis with one of our Skin Care Specialists prior to booking to ensure this treatment is right for you. Redness, dryness and sensitivity, not unlike a sunburn, is to be expected for 3-4 days post treatment. A series of 3-8 treatments at 4-8 week intervals, along with a precise topical skin care regimen is recommended to achieve optimal results.


Epidermal Repair - $10-$150
This treatment works on the top layer of the skin (epidermis) to treat benign skin imperfections such as:

  • Fibromas
  • Skin Tags
  • Keratosis
  • Cholesterol Deposits
  • Milia
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
A small probe is used to target precisely the area that you want treated, without affecting healthy surrounding tissue. The electrical current dehydrates the problem area, thus causing the body to exfoliate the dried skin. There is no down time and scabbing is minimal. A slight heat sensation can be felt during treatment, depending on your tolerance. Treatment is quick – lasting only a few seconds, and results can be achieved in just one treatment.

Bright Eyes Treatment - $25 with Facial
This five-step treatment gently but effectively treats and minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, milia, crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles.

Citrus Lip Treatment - $20 with Facial
Exfoliating, plumping and rich in Shea Butter to heal the lips and help break the drying cycle of petroleum-based lip products.


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