Brows On Point - $30
Our complete eyebrow shaping. A comprehensive consultation with an Arch Addicts trained brow artist where we map and shape the brows to ensure they reach their fullest potential, and not only suit your face and eye shape, but stay consistent with today’s brow trends. This service includes shaping (wax), trimming, tweezing and a brow lesson, where we show you exactly how to fill and highlight your brows using Arch Addicts brow cosmetics, so you can achieve beautiful, defined brows every day.

Wow Brow - $60
Our Signature Ultra Lift Treatment! This deluxe treatment includes a gentle exfoliation to smooth crows feet, followed by the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream to instantly de-puff, brighten, tighten & lift. An innovative non-surgical eye lift using micro-current technology stimulates the facial muscles to tone and firm sagging skin around the eyes. This portion of the treatment is completed with the Neroli Eye Serum to nourish and hydrate the eye area, as well as fight the visible signs of aging. We then proceed with our complete eyebrow shaping, including tinting to leave you with the best brows you have ever had!

Brow Addict - $20
A quick touch up for our regulars. This appointment applies to existing clients only, and must be scheduled within 4 weeks of your last Brow appointment. Includes wax, trim and tweeze, and of course our Arch Addicts brow touch up to finish your look and leave you looking flawless!

Eyebrow Tint - $20
Permanent colouring of the brows to darken, match to hair colour, and/or cover greys.

Brow & Lip - $35

Brow, Lip & Chin (Full Face) - $45

Brow Goals - $40
Take your brows to the next level! This service includes all the benefits of our comprehensive eyebrow shaping, and adds the perfect hint of colour to deepen and define the brows. See the amazing difference a little tint can make and your friends will be begging to know your brow secrets.

Brow Game Strong - $100
This brow treatment is guaranteed to give you fluffy looking brows that last for 6-8 weeks! Brow Lamination is a 3-step process to tame even the most stubborn brow hairs by realigning the direction of hair growth. This treatment creates the look of added fullness by combing the brow hairs over sparse areas and setting them in place with our specially formulated perm solutions. It is perfect for those with sparse brows, coarse/unruly brows, or those with stubborn hair growth patterns. Once the lamination is complete, we then proceed with our comprehensive brow shaping, including tinting to elevate your brow game to the next level!


Permanent Makeup Consultation - $50
We will map out the shape that best suits your bone structure, explore colours, and review expectations. Your $50 non-refundable consultation fee will be put toward the total cost of your procedure.

Ombre Brows - $550
A permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a machine and a single needle. Shading is used throughout the brow to achieve a soft powdered finish, graduating darkest on the tail of the brow and lightest at the head of the brow. Results last up to 3 years. 6 week touch up included!

Eyebrow Microblading - $450
A permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a manual tool containing a row of micro-needles. Natural looking hair strokes are created throughout the brow to achieve a realistic look, or a shading technique can be used to achieve a more powdered look. Results last up to 18 months. 6 week touch up included!

Nano Brows - $550
A permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a machine and a single needle to create natural looking hair strokes throughout the brow to achieve a soft, realistic look. Results last up to 3 years. 6 week touch up included!

Combo Brows - $550
A permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a combination of manual hair stroke and machine shading techniques. Microblading is used to create hair strokes and shading is used throughout the brow to achieve a more "filled-in" look with added texture. Results last up to 2 years. 6 week touch up included!

Colour Boost - $250
Many factors will affect colour retention, however brows will typically heal 20-30% lighter and softer than the initial look and it is standard to require a Colour Boost around 12-24 months following your Touch up session.
Consultation required for previous work by a different artist.

View Before/After Microblading Care

Before Microblading you...

  • Cannot be pregnant or nursing
  • Cannot be on Accutane in the last 6 months
  • Cannot have Botox/fillers around the brows within 7 days prior to Microblading
  • Cannot have any laser/ aggressive peels within 7 days prior to Microblading
  • Cannot be sunburned
  • Cannot use any products containing Retinols for 7 days prior to Microblading
  • Avoid drinking alcohol within 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Please arrive with brows made up, (if you normally fill them) but no other makeup
  • Will be required to provide a valid credit card number and will be charged a 50% fee for any cancellation within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment and 100% for missed appointments without notice (no call / no show)

After care instructions:

  • Brows will take anywhere from 5-14 days to heal depending on your skin.
  • Gently cleanse your face and brows with a mild cleanser – nothing with AHAs, products for acne (which usually contain salicylic acid) or exfoliating beads. Avoid excessive sweating, long showers, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and do not immerse your face in chlorinated water. Gently pat dry, do not rub.
  • Apply a very thin layer of Healing Cream with a q-tip daily while healing and reapply if brows start to feel dry or itchy. Hydrated skin heals better!
  • Do not apply any other skincare products or makeup directly on your brows while they are healing.
  • DO NOT pick, peel or scratch your brows while they are healing!
  • The next day when you wake up your brows will appear dark and intense. This is because as the tattoo begins to heal the skin naturally wants to push the colour out. As they continue to heal, it will appear as though much of the colour is flaking off and some crusting may appear on your q-tip when you apply your Healing Cream. This is normal, and part of the natural healing process. The final result should heal 20-30% lighter and softer than the original look, and final colour should not be judged until 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure.
  • Avoid tanning booths and excess sun exposure as this can cause pigment to fade and affect the healing process. Cover brows with a hat until healed. Once healed you should apply a light coat of sunscreen over your face and brows daily.
  • Any skin care treatments or other procedures where a technician may be required to touch your face/brows should be avoided for two weeks.
  • If you are due to give blood please inform your nurse, as microblading is considered a tattoo.
  • Approximately 6 weeks after your initial procedure you will need to schedule a touch up session (included in the price) where any imperfections will be corrected. We will NOT do any corrections until your scheduled touch up session as we cannot disturb the healing process.
  • If you have any concerns regarding infection you should consult a physician immediately.
  • Please contact your Microblading Artist with any questions or concerns as soon as they arise.
  • Colour Boosts are recommended every 12-18 months, however there may be factors that could shorten or prolong the expected lifespan of your Microblading.
Tattoo/ Microblading Removal - $250 per session
If you have poorly done/unwanted permanent makeup, we can help. All natural Li-FT tattoo removal uses a high salt saline lightening solution with fruit extracts and aloe vera to effectively lift tattoo pigments up and out of the skin through the process of osmosis. Depending on the depth, saturation, and level of lightening desired, anywhere from 1-8 sessions may be needed. We specialize in eyebrow tattoo or small body tattoo removal (smaller than a deck of cards).
Emergency SOS Li-FT - $150
Botched brows? Tattoo regret? We can quickly and effectively stop tattoo pigments from healing in the skin within 24-48 hours after the procedure.
Why Saline Removal over Laser Tattoo Removal?
  • If you are considering re-tattooing the area, it is important to know that tattooing skin after it has been lasered can be very difficult due to the additional scar tissue and alterations to skin structure from the laser
  • Lasers can permanently remove brow hair
  • Saline can remove any colour, including white based pigments
  • Laser pushes pigments down into the body to be removed by the lymphatic system. Saline lifts pigment up and out of the body.
  • Saline removal is much less painful than laser and does not result in blistering. Saline is simply implanted into the skin using a tattooing device.
  • Saline removal can be performed even if laser sessions have been unsuccessful.