Skin Studio Spa opened it’s doors in 2014 in northern Guelph, Ontario. After being a working Esthetician for 6 years, it was born out of a desire to focus on more of what I was passionate about, and help other women in beauty do the same - turn the things that we loved about the industry into successful careers! I wanted to build closer relationships with my clients and create a space and a culture where people felt welcomed, relaxed and cared for, where I could support them through their skincare and self care journeys and see their transformations! As our team grew, the business evolved and I have been blessed to come to know so many huge-hearted women who share my passions and take care of our beloved spa clients everyday.

In 2020, during the pandemic, the studio saw many changes and began to grow in many new and exciting ways. Temporarily closing our doors to services inspired the birth of our e-commerce business with our online boutique and virtual offerings. We also endured a vehicle accident that devastated our store as we knew it, but inspired the re-designing and growth of our brick & mortar boutique, and finally our rebranding to Skin Studio Beauty Co. in early 2021. 2022 brought the introduction of our online courses for beauty professionals, and allowed us to finally step into our new identity as a well-rounded beauty company - not "just" a spa.

I am so grateful for the growth and evolution that Skin Studio has seen over the years, and excited for what’s to come! Thanks for visiting, and supporting my small business and amazing team!

Meaghan - Owner
Certified Advanced Esthetician, Educator & Certified Permanent Makeup Artist (Brows Only)

Since the age of 12 years old I struggled with severe acne. I spent years making trips to the dermatologist, applying prescription creams and taking oral antibiotics to try and heal my skin. Nothing was working; still day after day I would wake up and cake as much makeup as I could on my skin to try and hide the blemishes.

I actually grew to love the makeup. Even though it started as a security blanket, I was also a competitive dancer, so I got to play with stage makeup every weekend and turn it into something fun.

After high school I took a year off to pursue dance as a career, but right before my first paid gig I ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. The recovery process was enough to get me dropped from the company and set me back far enough in my training that after one more audition, (which I actually got – look for me in the K-OS “Sunday Morning” music video – my claim to fame) I decided I needed to find something a little more stable. I took a job at GoodLife Fitness as a Customer Service Representative and a Group Exercise Instructor. The hours weren’t great and the work wasn’t fun… I needed something that I could enjoy as much as I enjoyed dancing.

In 2007 my best friend told me she was going to hair school in the fall. I was never interested in hair, but I loved makeup and she told me that there was an Esthetics school in the same building. As I read through the brochure I realized there was a long list of classes in the “Skin Care” section and suddenly it occurred to me that I had never been taught about quality cosmetics or how to properly take care of my skin. I knew this was it! I could learn how to clear my skin, and then I could help others do the same! I could help people gain their self-esteem back.

One year later I graduated with Honours from Elegance School of Esthetics. I spent the first 6.5 years of my career working at well-established spas around Guelph. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and developed a positive reputation in the community. In 2014 I was inspired to open my doors as Skin Studio Beauty Co where I could focus on the things I love most – radiant, healthy skin, and enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with cosmetics to truly help them look and feel beautiful in their own skin.

Molly - Head of Operations - with Skin Studio since 2015
Certified Advanced Esthetician - Specializes in Facials and Airbrush Tanning

I started with Skin Studio Beauty Co. in 2015 when it was just Meaghan in the one operating treatment room and myself working the desk. I had always had an interest in the beauty industry, but it wasn’t until I started working here and really started to expand my knowledge that I learned it was my passion.

I loved learning about all of our products and helping our clients in that sense, so when the opportunity came up for me to continue my education in esthetics to grow with our spa in 2017, I sprung on it and have never looked back.

Working with clients to achieve their healthiest looking skin is what I thrive off of. When I first started out here you wouldn’t catch me dead without a full face of makeup. We are talking primer, liquid foundation, powder the works. Now it is rare that I even have concealer on a blemish because my work and knowledge has really taught me that I don’t need all of that with the proper skin care routine, I am comfortable with my skin and I love the feeling so I really strive to have all clients work toward that same feeling, because it’s amazing.

I am so happy to have Skin as my second home for the past seven years and to have had a hand in helping Meaghan make it what it has become, and what it still can grow to be going forward.

Danielle - Assistant Manager - with Skin Studio since 2017
Certified Advanced Esthetician & Certified Nutritionist - Specializes in Facials and Brazilian Sugaring

From a young age I was interested in beauty. I can remember my grandmother painting my nails when I was very young, as well as giving my mom pretend manicures and pedicures. In high school I enjoyed spending time experimenting with makeup. However, it wasn't until I was halfway through my University degree in Anthropology that realized Aesthetics was something I could pursue as a career.

I enrolled in Rinaldi College of Aesthetics where I discovered my passion for skin care. Along with our other aesthetics courses, we were given a brief course on nutrition and how it played a role in skin care. It was then that I began to link some of the my own skin issues with some of my nutrition and lifestyle choices. I learned that what we put into our bodies can be just as important as the products we use on it.

Recently, I decided to expand my knowledge in nutrition. I completed a Nutrition Diploma and am currently working on completing my Advanced Nutrition Diploma through Shaw Academy. I hope to be able to better treat client's concerns as well as educate them in the use of homecare products in combination with nutrition in order to maximize the results achieved in their treatments.

I am happy to be able to work with Meaghan and her team at Skin Studio Beauty Co and look forward to growing with the business.

Stephanie - Esthetician - with Skin Studio since 2019
Certified Medical Esthetician - Specializes in Facials and Lashes

Before I discovered my passion for skin and all things esthetics I was pursuing a career in psychology at the University of Guelph. Towards the end of my education I was receiving a lot of push back and obstacles from those in the field. It was around this time I started to see an aromatherapist to address the stress I was harbouring in my body. Through her, I began to explore holistic therapies, natural skin care and the world of esthetics. I kept receiving signs to further dive into the beauty industry so I decided to take the leap and join the Esthetics & Spa Therapies program at Seneca College in Toronto (where I am originally from). I quickly fell in love with the industry, enjoying the continuous learning opportunities, but also the ability to help people feel great about themselves. I had been watching Skin Studio Beauty Co grow into an amazing 5-star location since it’s conception and I knew it was where I wanted to be. So, when the opportunity arose to apply I immediately took the chance. I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of Skin Studio Beauty Co and I cannot thank Meaghan, her team and Skin Studio’s amazing clients enough for welcoming me with open arms. I look forward to growing into an amazing esthetician and helping clients fall in love with themselves.

Faroza - Esthetician - with Skin Studio since 2022
Certified Medical Esthetician

My love for hair, makeup, and cosmetics started when I was very young. As a teenager I knew I wanted my field of study to be beauty related. I tried to explore different things, however a career in the Aesthetics field seemed like something I’d be passionate about. I slowly became more and more curious about products and treatments. I one day began researching various skin care brands, and products. I learned that skin care is much more than just applying masks or serums. My desire to learn more persisted, and I started to look into finding the right program or courses that would help me learn more.
Driven by the desire to understand my skin and gain more knowledge about Aesthetic services and treatments, I began a Medical Aesthetics program at the International Beauty Institute in Toronto. This program helped me get an in depth understanding of body treatments, makeup- application, waxing, and so forth. It really helped me gain skills that are beneficial in the Aesthetics field.

I graduated with honours in 2021, and received my Medical Aesthetics diploma. My relationship with skin and skin care changed. I knew I wanted to help people make a difference in their own skin and overall well being. I started looking for opportunities to start working as an Esthetician as soon as I graduated.

Skin Studio Beauty Co. had an open position for an Esthetician, and I took the opportunity to apply. It has been an honour to be able to work with Meaghan and her team. They are so welcoming, supportive and helpful. I continue to learn so much every day and work with amazing clients. While doing what I love most, I look forward to growing both professionally as an Esthetician, and contributing to the growth of the business as a whole.

Hannah - Esthetician - with Skin Studio since 2022
Certified Medical Esthetician

As a little girl, I was always fascinated and inspired by all things beauty. I would stay up late on school nights and do my makeup all night, perfecting my techniques. As I got older, I started falling in love with skin care. I started educating myself, my friends, and my family, and I saw how much of an impact a good skincare routine could have on someone’s skin and their overall confidence. I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue.
In 2021, I moved to Kitchener, Ontario, where I went to school at Conestoga College to become a certified aesthetician. This program exceeded my knowledge in skin care, body treatments, ingredients, manicures, and waxing. I was so lucky to have my co op selected for me to be at Skin Studio Beauty Co. Since I started with the skin squad I quickly became apart of the family and have been learning so much. Meaghan and Molly have proved how much they care not only about the business but about the learning culture of the spa. I felt like I finally found a place I belong and thrive in. I am passionate and have a love for all things beauty but also enjoy skiing at blue mountain, watching sunsets, and being with friends and family. I am so excited for all of you to get to know me but mostly excited for me get to know all of you!

Rachel - Guest Services Representative & Marketing Co-ordinator
with Skin Studio since 2022

I have a true passion for customer service. I started working in the restaurant/food business at fifteen years old and loved engaging with the customers. Started working in the kitchen at a pizza store quickly realizing that the front of the store is where I wanted to be. Fast forward a few years, starting my first serving job, I fell in love with the day to day interaction with amazing people and how I actually got to call it a job. Working my way up to management I discovered the importance of running a successful business. I've always been interested in all things beauty, from playing dress up at five years old to doing a full on skincare routine at twenty-seven, it is truly something that excites me. I enjoy getting to see the confidence this industry brings to not only myself but everyone else in the world. I'm so thankful I get to work at Skin Studio Beauty Co, combining my love for beauty and customer service. It's been such a wonderful experience working with such lovely people and clients and I can't wait to grow with the business.

Danielle D. - Virtual Assistant
with Skin Studio since 2017

After 4.5 years in guest services at Skin Studio, I made the switch to a behind the scenes support role. I love creating and maintaining systems that help the spa run smoothly and ultimately contribute to the overall client experience.
Customer service has always been a passion of mine and coming from a family of entrepreneurs (and running my own business for almost 15 years), I thrive on providing solutions and keeping everything organized.
I absolutely love the opportunities this role provides and that I get to support Meaghan and her wonderful team every day. It not only challenges me to learn new things but allows me to use the skills and knowledge from my previous roles.